About Dave

So, who are you?

I’m Dave, the guy who writes this blog. The guy who gets lost. C’mon, bud, it’s right there in the name!


No, but really, who are you?

I told you! I’m Dave.

I guess you need more information than that, huh? Well then…

I’m a photographer, based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I’d like to call myself a traveller, but truth be told, my travel experience is pretty limited.

So this is a travel blog, written by someone who hasn’t travelled all that much? Aren’t you sort of, you know, jumping the gun?

I guess, but that’s part of the idea behind this blog. It’ll be the account of my (mis)adventures, as I make up for lost time and finally hit the road.

With that said, it’s not as if I’ve never travelled. In 2008, I spent two months with a friend, living on next to nothing, crashing on couches and (occasionally, when lucky) in hostels, crisscrossing North America on Greyhound buses.

In 2015, I took off on a cross-continental roadtrip to the Grand Canyon, covering 4000 km, and stopping only to fuel up the car. We hiked in the Grand Canyon (though, due to a series of mishaps, had to bail out earlier than we hoped), and then wound our way through the Midwest before heading home.

And then other than that, I’ve flown a handful of times (including to and from Cuba), but yeah, for the most part, I’m pretty new to the travel game.

So, like, what’s your mission statement then?

Like I said, it’s in the name! I aim to get lost!

Travellers are always talking about “getting off the beaten path”; they’re always looking for some new undiscovered gem. My goal is simpler: in the course of my travels, I want to be able to throw away the plans, and let myself get lost. See where the universe takes me.

I mean, good luck, I guess?


Though I realize this whole thing has just been me talking to myself…