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Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there.

I’ve been gone for quite a while, haven’t I? That’s on me. Between balancing a nearly full course load at school, and continuing to work full-time at my day job, I haven’t had a lot of motivation for blogging, and so there’s been a dearth of posts since J and I got back from Nicaragua. But all that’s changing.

J in Panama

Well, not the part about drowning in schoolwork and… work-work. But there are, nonetheless, a whole whack of new posts on the horizon, for a few reasons.

One: while I’m stuck at work this summer, J will be traipsing around Asia, as a sort of last hurrah before starting as a real, honest-to-goodness lawyer in September. In fact, she took off from Ottawa yesterday, bound for Beijing by way of Chicago. On top of revisiting China and Hong Kong, her travel plan also includes Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore, with a stopover in San Francisco on the way back. All told, she’ll be in Asia for about six weeks (I am intensely jealous). The awesome part is that, while she’s gone, J has graciously offered to write about her trip, so she’ll be doing a partial takeover of Dave Gets Lost.

J at the airport, about to head off for China

I say partial, because while she’s away, I will also be posting. See, badass that she is, J managed to get invited, along with her friend Kun, to speak at a conference in Belgium on the very last weekend in August. J’s work is even paying for her flight. It didn’t take much urging from her to convince me to go with her; honestly, I couldn’t resist the chance to finally see a bit of Europe. So I booked myself a round-trip flight. I’ll be heading first to Berlin via Brussels, then meeting up with J in Amsterdam (she’s taking different flights to Europe and back, both to get a bit more post-Asia recovery time and to be able to make it back for her September start date at work). We’ll be going through the Netherlands and Belgium together, and once she flies back to Canada from Brussels, I might just take a quick trip through Luxembourg before arriving back in Canada just in time for my first day of fall classes.

Get ready to see more of this ugly mug!

So, the next few months will see a flurry of activity from Dave Gets Lost: a mix of J’s travelogues; posts about planning and gear choices for Europe; a (very likely, somber) retrospective on Nicaragua, reckoning with the current political climate there; and even (hand-to-god) a couple of “Interview With A Traveller” posts I’ve got in the tank. Stay tuned!

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