Road Dispatches: Léon, Nicaragua

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Full disclosure: I’ve had a few ounces of rum before writing this. I couldn’t really help myself; the Nicaraguan Flor de Caña is such a dangerous mix of deliciously smooth and deliciously inexpensive.

After a nice long layover in Panama City — about 8 hours, just long enough for us to get out of the airport, grab some incredible vegan food at PuroLove Cafe, wander around the environs, and snag an iced tea and dessert at Paraiso Cafe — we flew in to Managua. Panama City architecture is something else

The common consensus is that there isn’t much to do in Managua, but honestly, I can’t really weigh in on that; as soon as we got up, J and I packed our bags and hit the road for Léon.

Aside from a Managua cabbie who tried to rip us off (400 Cordobas for a ride to the bus station? Hell no!), and the usual mix of aggressive taxi touts when we arrived at the Léon bus station, the ride was totally fine. And then, once we arrived, we found paradise.

After a ~20 minute walk from the bus station, we arrived at our hostel: Hostel Serendipity. For around $11 CAD each per night, J and I got s private room overlooking a courtyard, in a fantastic little hostel. Bonus: the hostel has a trio of tiny kittens as residents.

Once we settled in and met the local cats, J and I set out to find some dinner. We settled on Imbir, a restaurant reasonably close to our hostel that serves up an eclectic mix of Polish and Sri Lankan cuisine with a Central American twist, and has a bunch of vegan options (win!). J had pierogies, I had a Sri Lankan green curry, we split a vegan quesadilla, and washed everything down with incredible Nicaraguan craft beer and 12 year old Flor de Caña rum.

And then, we wandered around downtown Léon, found a supermercado selling good rum at dirt cheap prices, and drank too much of that cheap rum… which brings us to my present state of rambling inebriation.

Tomorrow: Léon’s Sunday markets, and a much needed beach day at Las Peñitas. Stay tuned!

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