Apologies (No Apologies? “All Apologies”?)

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I’ve got to throw a quick post out here to apologize for the complete lack of updates in the past few weeks. J and I were in the process of moving (we moved to our new apartment on September 1st), and I’d run out of pre-written content to put up. On top of that, I started taking a couple of classes at Carleton University last week, which eats up three solid nights a week.

My face when I realize how bad I’ve let my blogging slip

With my bucket of lame excuses out of the way… an update! I’m currently finishing off my last two posts about the Great Trip to China 2017™*, and am also preparing a handful of other posts, including a fresh new interview, with more on the way.


There are a few lessons in this for me, and for anyone else who’s thinking of starting up a blog, travel-related or otherwise:

1) Get a solid backlog of posts written and ready to go, and ration them out. I had a bunch at one point, and got overzealous with the roll-out, putting up a new post every day or two. 1.5 to 2 posts a week (3 at the very most) seems to be the sweet spot for me.

2) Make sure to set aside dedicated writing time each week. I keep a little notebook with me pretty much all the time in which I’ll jot down ideas when they come to me, including ideas about blog posts, so I’m not lacking topics about which to write; it’s a matter of actually making time to write.

3) When you first notice that you’re falling behind, don’t keep pushing off your writing! As with anything else, it’s all too easy to shrug and say you’ll fix it tomorrow (for example, I’ve fallen into the trap of “oh, I’ll start eating better tomorrow!”). Correct the problem as soon as you notice it, without procrastinating, or you’ll find yourself in a three week posting slump, making apologies and feeling shitty.

With all that said, again, sorry for having dragged my ass on posting. But new stuff is coming soon! (Woo!)

*Note, “Great Trip to China 2017” is, obviously, not a trademarked term.

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