Special Delivery: New Logos!

It’s nice having talented friends.

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Once I finally settled on a name for this blog, I knew what I had to do: I had to get my friend Eric to design a logo for me. See, Eric is a ridiculously talented artist. He works with me, at a job that mostly involves photography and photography-adjacent skills, but the dude can really draw! He made an incredible birthday card for another friend/coworker, drew up a shirt design for another coworker’s Tough Mudder team, made an incredible goodbye card for yet another friend and former coworker. Even before I started this blog, I wanted to commission him to draw something, I just didn’t know what.

Fast forward to the beginning of June. The blog starts up, and I start thinking, “Hmm… I should probably put together a logo or something.” Some futzing in Photoshop didn’t really yield anything I liked, so I figured I would live with a boring text title for the time being. But then I remembered Eric. So I sauntered over to his work area, and asked him if he’d be willing to make me a logo/avatar. He asked what I was looking for, and I told him I wasn’t sure yet. I was thinking of getting a cartoonified version of me, but I’d have to figure it out first.

When he sent me an email looking for more information, I was super busy, so I sent him back the barest of descriptions, just so he’d have a basic idea of what I was looking for:

A drawing of me, wearing a big heavy backpack (backpack, rolled-up blue sleeping pad, etc), tattered cutoff jeans, hiking boots, plaid shirt, etc. holding a map upside-down, looking a bit confused/lost.

And from that, came this:

Lost Dave is adorable! And adorably confused!


The detail in that drawing! The teddy bear! The (ridiculously accurate) confused look! The cutoffs! (obligatory “there are dozens of us” reference here). That mug looks just like the metal camping mug I use at work; the boots are dead-on copies of my heavy Scarpas; the glasses, stubble, and plaid shirt are all on point; it really is me.

Needless to say, I was thrilled this morning when he revealed his work. And then, he surprised me further; he’d also designed a little logo with my blog name.

Boom! New logo!


It’s nice having talented friends.

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